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Palestinian coin 1 mil cufflinks

$170.00 (USD)

Hollow Map Palestine Ring

$61.00 (USD)

Palestine map with Handala inside ring

$72.00 (USD)

Palestine map frame earrings

$65.00 (USD)

Palestine map with Olive leaves pattern inside Bracelet

$82.00 (USD)

Palestine map with famous poem bracelet “On this land what deserves a life”

$69.90 (USD)

Palestine heart map Bracelet

$82.00 (USD)

Handmade Palestinian embroidered Thobe with Velvet fabric

$399.00 (USD)

1950s RARE Vintage Palestinian Embroidered Thobe

$329.00 (USD)

Handmade Palestinian Abaya Embroidered

$374.00 (USD)

White Keffiyeh Pattern Embroidered Hairband

$9.00 (USD)

Red Embroidered Hairband

$9.00 (USD)

Purple Embroidered HairBand

$9.00 (USD)

Palestinian Flag Embroidered HairBand

$9.00 (USD)

Red Keffiyeh Pattern Embroidered Hairband

$9.00 (USD)

Palestinian Wedding Wall Hanging

$140.00 (USD)

Multicolored Embroidered mini Pillow

$28.00 (USD)

Grape Tree Embroidered Pillow

$41.00 (USD)

Red Embroidered Pillowcase

$59.00 (USD)

Multicolor Embroidered Pillowcase

$64.00 (USD)

Red-Pink- Green Embroidered Pillowcase

$59.00 (USD)

Palestinian Embroidered wall Hanging – Qabba

$49.00 (USD)

Palestinian Embroidered wall Hanging -keffiyeh Pattern

$49.00 (USD)

Rectangle Palestinian Embroidered Wall Hanging

$83.00 (USD)

Women Handmade Palestinian Embroidered Shawl, Rectangle Shape, with MultiColor Embroidery

$74.00 (USD)