Frequently Asked Questions

Because we believe that being far doesn’t mean being disconnected, PalestineinaBox wants to link all of Palestine-lovers to the country, no matter where they are, and create a channel to contribute to the country’s development.

PalestineinaBox is a subscription box. It’s simple, each month you will receive a surprise box with a theme at your doorstep with:

A bundle of 7 to 10 handpicked local items shipped with love: A concentrate of culture, colors, tastes, smells and sounds all made in Palestine.

Drum roll….. It’s a surprise! And you’ll see, the best part will be to discover what’s in it, think of it as a gift to yourself: as if it was your birthday every month!

We offer three plans to choose from, you can choose whichever suits you best:

  • Monthly:

Receive 1 box every month
$59 per month
You can cancel anytime (we will not charge you for the month after canceling)

  • Quarterly:

Receive a box every month for 3 months
$149 for the three months ($53/month)
Cancel the trimestrial subscription anytime (we will not charge you for the trimester after canceling)

  • Yearly:

Receive a box every single month of the year
$499 for the 12 months ( ~ $40/month)
Cancel the yearly subscription anytime (we will not charge you for the year after canceling)

Of course! We can’t think of a better surprise for your friend or family member! You will be able to brighten someone’s day by surprising them with Palestine in a box right at their doorstep 🙂

Of course! You can suspend your subscription for as long as you want. Just go to your account, my subscriptions, and update the status to “suspend”.

There’s no engagement for life (even though we would love to keep you in our family forever :))

  • You can cancel your monthly subscription any time, we will not rebill you for the month after canceling.
  • You can cancel your trimestrial subscription any time before the 25th of your last month after which we would not be able to refund you.
  • If you’ve subscribed for the 6 months, the payment is upfront and refund isn’t available.

You can pay with your credit card. If you change your credit card, don’t forget to update it in your account so that you don’t miss your monthly payment.

Shipping depends on the destination country. You’ll find the shipping cost in the checkout page.

It depends on the day of your subscription: if you subscribe during the month of April until the 1st May, you will receive the box of May. If you subscribe in May until the 1st of June, you will receive the box of June. If you subscribe in June, you will receive the month of July.