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The set of 30 keychains of the dome of the rock and Palestinian flag

$407.00 (USD)

Fanny Pack With Embroidered Strap

$220.00 (USD)

Fanny Pack

$190.00 (USD)

Palestinian coin 1 mil cufflinks

$170.00 (USD)

Cross Body Bag

$165.00 (USD)

Woven Strap Crossbody Bag for Men & Women

$138.97 (USD)

Map Palestine Necklace decorated with inscriptions old landmarks.

$129.00 (USD)

Map Palestine Necklace decorated with character Arabic “فلسطين”

$123.00 (USD)

Leather crossbody bag in black

$120.44 (USD)

Document / Laptop Holder with Embroidered Strap

$120.00 (USD)

Toiletry / Travel Pouch

$115.00 (USD)

Leather Clutch Purse with Embroidery

$114.26 (USD)

Palestinian coin 2 mil crown frame necklace

$111.00 (USD)

Document / Laptop Holder

$89.56$108.09 (USD)

Hand Wallet with Zipper – Cognac

$108.09 (USD)

A Keffiyeh for Freedom

$97.00 (USD)

Palestine Calligraphy Map Necklace

$96.00 (USD)

Hollow Map Palestine Necklace

$86.00 (USD)

Palestine map with Olive leaves pattern inside Bracelet

$82.00 (USD)

Palestine heart map Bracelet

$82.00 (USD)

The dove of piece necklace

$74.00 (USD)

Palestine map with Handala inside ring

$72.00 (USD)

Palestine map with famous poem bracelet “On this land what deserves a life”

$69.90 (USD)

Palestine map frame earrings

$65.00 (USD)

Men’s Wallet

$64.85 (USD)