Ceramic from Palestine

The skill of making ceramics is one that’s been practiced for years in Palestine, specifically Hebron. Plates, serving trays, pitchers, even keychains and coasters are all gracefully decorated with a multitude of colors. Choosing a ceramic gift from Palestine is the wisest choice when thinking of what to gift family and friends. Palestinian craftmakers are very famous in ceramic art.

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Medium size “Zeit w Zaatar ” Plates

$24.00 (USD)
Dark Blue

Ceramic Bowl Hebron Crafts Decorated With A Beautiful Color

$10.08$28.72 (USD)

“Zeit w Zaatar” Rounded Plates Rose

$18.99 (USD)

Ceramic Plate Hebron Crafts Decorated With A Beautiful Color

$10.96$18.07 (USD)

Arabic Coffee Cup with handle and Plate

$9.42 (USD)

Kufiya Cup Coffee with handle and Plate

$10.96 (USD)

Ceramic plate with handle

$11.85 (USD)

Deep Bowl (Zibdiya) 9 cm Canaan

$3.69 (USD)

Ceramic “Sugar dish” Hebron Crafts Decorated With A Beautiful Color

$10.96$17.18 (USD)

Colorful Ceramic Bowl

$10.96 (USD)

Olive Oil Pot Rose

$16.80 (USD)

Keffiyeh Mug

$10.96 (USD)

Small Ceramic Vase

$8.30 (USD)

6 Arabic Coffee Cups (without hands)

$25.17 (USD)

Tile- Dark Blue flowers

$10.80 (USD)

Palestinian Return Key

$20.00 (USD)

Multi-Colors Ceramic Mug

$9.19$10.96 (USD)

A Small Pottery Jar

$9.19 (USD)

Tile- colorful flowers

$10.08 (USD)

Tile – Light & Dark Blue Flowers

$10.08 (USD)

Large Ceramic Spoon

$17.18 (USD)

Deep Bowl (Zibdiya) 9 cm Rose

$3.69 (USD)

Royal Plate Canaan 19 cm

$6.15 (USD)

Oval shaped ceramic/porcelain tray

$18.95 (USD)

Deep Bowl (Zibdiya) 12 cm Rose

$7.90 (USD)