Jelld, Handmade Leather

Jelld, Handmade Leather 1

“Jelld جلد” is a Palestinian project concentrate on the manufacturing of wallets, leather bags and all leather products. It is a 100% Palestinian product, and it aimed at the employment of the inhabitants of marginalized areas, especially women in the Palestinian territories

Ashraf al-Zaatari, Suhaib al-Rifai, and Alaa Selmi, from Hebron, founded “Jelld” project for leather products .
What distinguishes “Jelld” from others, that’s the products are handmade, and go through several stages, from cutting the leather, to gluing it, and then punctured and stitched, until it becomes usable.

In addition to the three young men, “Jelld” includes working women from rural areas of Dura, south of Hebron, who are responsible of sewing,” for their experience in this field (in addition of their experience in the Palestinian embroidery).

All of who work in this project seek to reach out of Palestine and to market their products, both in Arab and foreign countries.



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