submersible water pressure sensor

Bullet, cage, and flush tip models are available. It is an industry standard SDI-12 v1.3 water level sensor which is easy to interface to SDI-12 dataloggers. Aviation & Aerospace. It is robust and sealed to prevent corrosion and failure. Hydrostatic submersed level transmitters are sensors with an electrical transmission output for indication of liquid level. +61 (0) 39558 2420 sales@measurex.com.au Search: Your world of Magento Extensions, Magento Modules, Magento Themes and Magento Templates by Mage-World. … Because of the structure and principle, it can be used for open container or open pool. 3.1 Ships With • 27555 USB 2.0 Cable Type A Male to Micro B Male, 6ft • 29225 HydroSci Software on CD 4. Home; About Measurex. Selected documents. The SDI-12 submersible pressure transmitter is capable of measuring temperature and pressure. Next Generation Performance the Exceeds Todays Most Difficult Process Applications. Reliable and long-lasting The submersible pressure transmitter features a hermetically-sealed and exceptionally robust stainless steel case. Contact Us. Submersible water pressure sensor. Hello Arduino Folks! The TankPro Level Sensor works by sitting at the bottom of the tank and measuring the head pressure of the liquid pushing down on its ceramic sensing diaphragm. Submersible Pressure Transducers are designed to measure tank level while fully submersed in liquid. The FTS Submersible PT is ideal for remote applications where battery-powered operation with minimal current draw and networking multiple sensors to a data recorder are required. The sensor has a stainless steel housing and a flush ceramic diaphragm which prevents from the build up of solids of time and makes it easy to clean. CRS451/CRS456 Submersible Water-Level Recording Sensor • The model number and pressure range are etched on the housing. I'm at the outset of thinking about building a submersible pressure transducer for the purpose of monitoring water levels in wells, behind weirs, in flumes, in tanks, etc. The MD 126 is a high-accuracy submersible hydrostatic level sensor. Designed to be waterproof and chemical resistant, it is ideal for use in situations that require the sensor to be submerged in liquids. Mar 16, 2011, 12:27 am. It can measure liquids with non-corrosive, good fluidity, no crystal, no sticky and no stirring. About 6% of these are sensors, 4% are pressure sensors. Check this information against the shipping documentation to ensure that the expected product was received. Submersible pressure sensors must be robust and sealed to prevent corrosion and failure. $654.03 $ --Item# PX439-005GI. Urban water supply and drainage. Submersible pressure transducer is based on the measured liquid static pressure proportional to the height of the liquid Principle. Pressure Sensor, Pressure Transducer, water submersible pressure manufacturer / supplier in China, offering OEM Liquid Oil Water Level Sensor Submersible Pressure Transmitter, Remote control Oil Fuel Explosion Proof Differential Pressure Transmitter, 10~30V 4-20mA 600MPa High Pressure Type Pressure Transmitter Sensor and so on. Newbie; Posts: 12; Karma: 0 ; Submersible Pressure Transducer. The Sino-Inst submersible pressure transducer can send data up to 1000 feet (304.8 m) long. Applications. Data sheet PE 81.55 Data sheet AC 80.12 Operating Instruction Details Downloads Standard articles Configurator. The piezoelectric element detects the pressure difference between its location and the atmospheric pressure on the surface. To obtain accurate and reliable data, use stilling wells, sand points, or other “no flow” installation techniques. Back to overview. Through a double, redundant sealing concept, it is permanently hermetically sealed. Alterations in water flow can cause pressure variations. Piezo-resistive pressure and level sensors – STS core technology . S12S - Submersible SDI-12 Pressure / Temperature Sensor. Ground & Surface Water. The submersible pressure transducer is suitable for a wide range of applications. High quality M12 4-20ma I2C Ceramic Electronic Submersible Water Pressure Sensor from China, China's leading I2C water pressure detector product, with strict quality control I2C electronic water pressure sensor factories, producing high quality 20ma smart water pressure sensor products. Model LS-10 Submersible pressure sensor. The only submersible level sensor with an integral molded weight to ensure the sensor will remain at the bottom and you will always receive an accurate, reliable reading. EN. Please add to cart to … Submersible pressure water level sensor 4-20mA 0-10V #VP5 . Test & Measurement . Alibaba.com offers 428 digital submersible water pressure sensor products. If this sensor proves to be reliable over the long term, it could replace submersible pressure sensors for water measurements and alleviate some of the common failures associated with submersible sensors. The SL17 is ideal for groundwater monitoring applications. EM500-SWL . Convert static pressure into electrical signal. Mission statement; Quality … allows it to be dropped into smaller bore holes or to be more easily bundled with other instruments. Thus, if the sensor is subjected to open flow changes, your water level measurements will be inconsistent. Submersible pressure transducers are cost effective, offer excellent compatibility with liquids, do not have issues regarding reflection or foaming, and can offer low current consumption for battery powered applications. Encapsulated in stainless steel and resistant to sewage water, it is designed to measure levels in liquids such as storm water and wastewater in … Industry Leading Technology. Piezometric submersible sensors designed for continuous level measurement in water applications. EM500-SWL is designed to measure the tank level or open water applications while fully submersed in liquid. After temperature compensation and linear correction. NightTrain. Available with pressure range from 1 to 100 PSI and stainless steel construction with a maximum diameter of 0.63" making this ideal for applications with limited space and a Hytrel submersible cable which allows for the sensor to be used in a variety of liquids. Configuration complete. Added to Your Shopping Cart. laser level sensor zyt lds 0060,China laser level sensor zyt lds 0060 Manufacturers, Suppliers - ECOL. Utilizing Piezo or Capacitive Technology, our Submersible Level Sensors will Consistently Provide you with a Reliable and Industry Leading Accurate Reading. Submersible water level transmitter provides a standard signal for easy and convenient application. A high quality range of submersible sensors for a variety of applications. Used for liquid measure, metallurgy, and hydrology. Sensors Pressure Sensor; Product Featured Differential Pressure Sensor Hygienic Pressure Sensor Flush Diaphragm Pressure Sensor Flat Membrane Pressure Sensor Anti-corrosive Pressure Sensor High Pressure … Hermetically sealed, robust and durable The model LH-20 submersible pressure transmitter has been engineered for use in the harshest environments. Model DI25. Submersible pressure sensors. To obtain accurate and reliable data, use stilling wells, sand points, or other “no flow” installation techniques. Alterations in water flow may cause pressure variations. Submersible pressure transducer with 4-20mA output is Hydrostatic Level Sensor for level measurement. CN DE RU ES FR. Choose a submersible hydrostatic level sensor for use with a liquid such as drinking water, freshwater, seawater, wastewater, chlorinated water, leachate, acids, alkalines. Level sensors for submerging permanently in liquid to determine the level or depth of fluid by measuring the hydrostatic pressure. Topic: Submersible Pressure Transducer (Read 4336 times) previous topic - next topic. If the sensor is subject to open flow changes, the water level measurements may be inconsistent. Volume discounts available. Submersible level sensor is developed from hydrostatic pressure technology. Submersible standard range pressure sensors for depth measurement. The FTS Submersible PT is ideally suited for environmental monitoring applications such as surface water, streams, and reservoirs using existing SDI-12 monitoring equipment. Submersible Level Sensor Transmitter Intelligent Pressure Controller 24V: Description: Widely Applications For Different Types of Liquids--A wide range of media compatibility, it can measure from water, oil to the viscosity of sewage Wide Range Of Temperature And Deep--Wide range of temperature compensation which is not affected by foaming, deposition of measured medium, up to 200 meters … Trust Setra's submersible pressure transducers allows users to continually monitor tank levels with high accuracy. Order online today Submersible Water Level Sensor. 2.Hydrostatic Submersible Level Sensor. There is a miniature submersible transmitter that is low power voltage. The proven, fully-welded construction ensures a long service life and permanent sealing. Installing a submersible pump at a deeper level than the jet pump you say you have will have no influence on the safe yield, but will increase the allowable short term yield, since there is typically water sitting in the pipe above the level of the submersible pump which can be utilized down to a few feet above the level of the submersible pump. Applications include sumps, reservoirs, down hole, oil tanks, lime slurry, and water tanks. Its small O.D. Add to cart. STS develops customer specific solutions in pressure measurement technology, tailored to the applications of the customers. A wide variety of digital submersible water pressure sensor options are available to you, such as resistance sensor, optical sensor, and inductance sensor. Level Measurement. Accessories. Measurex is a global market leader in pressure sensors, transducers, transmitters,temperature and level measurement technology.Our services present around the world. Sensors. STS manufactures and supplies configurable sensors within the shortest delivery time, also in small batch sizes. For general applications . Submersible. Quantity Price each; 1-4: $654.03: 5-9: $621.33: 10-24: $608.25: 25-49: $582.09: 50-99: $569.01: 100+ $555.93: Qty. Fresh water, diesel fuel tanks and chemical totes all use submersible pressure transducers for level monitoring. Sewage treatment, water tanks. Submersible Pressure Transmitters with Moisture Trap 0 to 5 psi, Gauge Pressure, ±0.5% Accuracy . The 12-foot (4 meters) Submersible Temperature Sensor (X-DTS-S12-SUB) is suitable for use in harsh environments. Submersible Pressure Sensors from WIKA - market leader since 1946 The submersible pressure sensor is a special type of pressure sensor for hydrostatic level measurement in tanks, wells, shafts and bore holes. The Ashcroft ® SL17 submersible transmitter provides a highly reliable platform for accurate pressure, level control and monitoring. Submersible pressure transducers are designed for measuring ground and surface water pressure, temperature and water level. Submersible, Depth & Level Pressure Transmitters and Transducers. With IP 68 ingress protection, it is suitable for permanent level measurement up to 100 m water column. Depth and level measurement is ideally suited to measurement by pressure sensor. Volume Discount Schedule. Customizable measuring range up to 200 m. Submersible pressure sensor not affected by foam, wind, or rain.

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