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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Real event OCD can be insidious because along with anxious thoughts and feelings, it also presents with pervasive feelings of guilt and shame about something which you did in the past. Basically, on and off for about 18 months I used a fake profile and face photos from the internet to talk to men on Grindr. Press J to jump to the feed. Or do I need to say something to her as it's the right thing to do? Source: http://www.ocdspecialists.com/real-event-ocd/ On a side note, www.ocdspecialists.com is a great resource for learning about OCD! I can't get the thought out of my mind that this wasn't ok and I've been a terrible person by not owning up to this mistake. I still sometimes have false memories and panic attacks over whether I cheated in the early stages of my relationship, which sounds like what’s happening. When I’ve made previous posts on other subreddits people have told me to forgive myself, that my behaviour wasn’t right but it’s okay to move on and be better in the future. Learn more about relationship OCD symptoms and treatment. Try to build some self-compassion. Is there any hope of real help for them? If this is ocd I can talk to my therapist but if this isn’t ocd what do I do? Join date: May 2016. OCD can also be triggered by a traumatic event, and there’s likely to be a genetic component, too. I realise this might sound like I'm searching for reassurance and I know that's counter productive, but I just felt like I needed to get my thoughts down on paper (so to speak) and try and work out how the hell I go forward. Thanks: 28. However, I unsure how to atone and make up for what I did. I am completely in love with her and we have been in a relationship since May 2019. I'll be better some days than others and then it'll come back full force. The sufferer of this theme could start experiencing intrusive thoughts that they’ve cheated just hours after the event or days, weeks, months, years later. US: 1-800-273-8255 or text HOME to 741-741, Non-US: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_suicide_crisis_lines. I’m struggling with real event OCD, I have been diagnosed with OCD. It tears me up inside and I can't let go of these thoughts at all. I am in my early 20s, I am gay and was raised very Christian. I can't let go of my shame. I can’t tell you how to deal with it in relation to talking your partner, but I would seek help if you haven’t already. Real event OCD regrets is it the same as intrusive thinking. I was friends with this girl who manipulated me, but at the time I didn’t know as I was new in a job. OCD reached a whole new level recently. Abbreviated backstory: Basically my Real event OCD came because of the guilt i acquired from two indiscretions in my relationship (i made out with two people who were not my partner). The good news, however, is the treatment is the same no matter what type of OCD you have. Genetics was found to account for around 40 per cent of the variance in OCD … Real event / cheating OCD. Hi Reddit. If you feel comfortable, talking to your therapist may help to shed some light on the Real Event OCD you are experiencing. I liked her, I would never want to hurt her, but I did this stupid thing. When its not Real Event OCD its the What If/Fill in the blanks OCD. I suffer from OCD symptoms and have been diagnosed with anxiety. Is it just my OCD saying that I don't feel like I should be allowed to 'get away with it' as I need to be punished? Your fearful reaction is what powers up these thoughts and makes OCD stronger. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. There’s still wrong been caused by actions even if the people didn’t realise they were being catfished. The idea that someone has been hurt by my actions is very troubling to me and I wish I could back and stop myself from behaving in this way. Forum User. Sure I regretted doing it as I really didn't understand why I did it, it's not the sort of thing I intended or even wanted to do, but I wasn't technically in a relationship.

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