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While the hair is a little longer here, it’s still shortened towards the back and longer in the front, while the top is a mess of hair strands. And, obviously. . The sides have a high fade and we don’t have a parting just as normally the case with a faux hawk hairstyle. Overall, it’s a cool look to achieve. However, it’s not the only way you can style a Faux Hawk fade. The final outcome always depends on the occasion and personal preferences. Here, however, it’s all natural texture and the look is achieved by finger combing the frontal hair into a wonderful Faux Hawk fade haircut. Faux Hawk with a Twist. In fact, it’s a typical style achieved with short hair right in the center on top. This is another cool hairstyle to achieve in a faux hawk style. #48: Smooth Fade. This is another cool look that can be achieved with a faux hawk style. The faux hawk or “fohawk” haircut is considered ago to look for the modern man. However, keep the length on the top-level even towards the back to give the look its distinctive shape. Nov 27, 2017 - Explore Robert Dwood's board "Faux Hawk Men" on Pinterest. The beard adds to the mix to make a perfect style statement. And, that mid fade is simply awesome and complements the hairstyle to perfection. This is an ideal look for people who want something casual and easy to personalize. The sides are nicely faded and the hairstyle can be worn with a wonderful stubble to make it a go-to style for boys. This is quite a gentle look for a typical Faux Hawk hairstyle. Yes, it’s a cool faux hawk style that is achieved with shorter length hair. Overall, the look is quite pleasing and you’d love to achieve it. A hot new hairstyle trend is the pompadour, also known as the quiff or the "faux hawk." Thanks to creative hair designs, you can have unique and rare haircuts with a fohawk. Forward Swept Faux Hawk With High Fade. This is a cool variation of the faux hawk hairstyle that requires the hair to be nicely combed back rather than raising it all in the centre on top. Just as the name suggests, this is a casual faux hawk look and not something really hardcore. If you want a good side hairstyle, then try low taper side hairstyles. The Shaggy Faux Hawk Hairstyle #7: Mid Skin Fade Faux Hawk . This is another cool look to achieve in Faux Hawk style with a fade on the sides. Despite the numerous versions of the fohawk at every man’s disposal, the original look never loses its charm. The sides are nicely faded and a beautiful beard can be added to the mix to make it look awesome overall. Here, we also see a lot of attention to detail paid to the hair on top where the front is slightly upturned and swept backward. However, as Rogelio Samson writes, the shortest sections of hair (the sides and the back) should be at least half an inch in length while the longest sections (the top) should be no more than 2 inches in length. How to cut a Faux Hawk: • Clipper cutting the hair is always an easy option for getting a uniform cut along the sides of the “strip”. The spiky look is achieved with the help of a strong hold styling product as that’s necessary to keep the hair apart and make them into perfect spikes. The hairstyle features curly and kinky locks on top and that is kept tight to the skin and it’s just a patch on top that makes it quite unique in nature. It is not difficult to have a unique hairstyle by working with professional barbers and hairstylists. Secondly, you enjoy an eye-catching updo that is customizable for countless situations. Therefore, styling it is quite straightforward. The mid-fade gives the look a slightly higher outline and an edgier finish. “Faux” is the French word for “fake,” so you can imagine the meaning of the notion. This is the look for you! There is a tail style towards the back that looks just gorgeous. Both the hairstyles require some styling product to be applied and look equally awesome. While similar to the previous look, there’s much less product required here. A slight drop fade on the sides should complement the long, wild curls of hair on top while making the shape of the haircut more pronounced and a lot edgier. Don’t be fooled by the punk ethos at play, though. The hairstyle looks awesome when worn with a nice stubble and makes for a perfect blend. Another faux hawk look achieved with curly hair types. Short hairstyles are easy to maintain and style, plus they are everywhere this season. This one is also quite similar to the one above. Faux Hawk Hairstyle. The hair on top can rest in short, and cool Faux Hawk No compromise needed in either style or comfort zone! However, it’s also possible to keep your hair relatively smooth with a fauxhawk, as shown here. The sides have a nice fade and the final look is just awesome with a beautiful beard to complete it. Faux hawk hairstyles are a perfect choice for your everyday style and can work far beyond. The faux hawk haircuts for men is one of the most popular haircut styles for men as it gives an edgy look but formal enough for business meetings. Yes, we do have the spikes here but that’s not the typical look we often see. In this guide, you will learn about the faux hawk, the different ways to style one, and whether it will suit your face shape: Mid Skin Fade Faux Hawk #8: Faux Hawk With a Shaved Detail This beautiful Faux Hawk  is really a nice and cool look to achieve for teenagers. Take another section of the hair and tie it in a ponytail. Don’t worry about not being able to pull off a unique hairstyle if you have greying hair. Faux Hawk with Designed Fade . Another way women like to wear a fake Hawk hair style is to create a fake Hawk, with hair near the forehead cut longer and then shaped up and forward to create long blasts … Reserved for the heavily bearded among us, it involves creating a stylish part between the hair on top and the hair below, normally using a sharp bald fade. Faux Hawk with Trimmed Line. The hairstyle is commonly achieved with medium length hair on top while keeping the sides faded. The faux hawk is a hairstyle open to contemporary interpretations. The faux hawk hairstyle also known as Fohawk has been one of the most trendy cuts over the last few years, and for good reason. Simple to maintain and even easier to style, the faux hawk is the toned down, less edgy little brother of the mohawk . In fact, the frontal hair is given a bit more length to achieve a spiky look. This faux hawk hairstyle doesn’t really require you to apply any styling product rather you have to keep it voluminous on top and give it a slanted and textured look. It’s a clean and well-organized look that everyone would love to achieve. The hairstyle looks gorgeous with a slight stubble on the face. It’s not necessary for you to achieve a spiky look with a Faux Hawk hairstyle. This hairstyle -- which usually features shaved sides and a puffy teased top that reminds me of a rooster's comb -- has become the cool hairstyle of choice for singers Miley Cyrus and Pink as well as a host of other celebrities. One of the few that achieve this is the faux hawk. The bulk of the hair erupts into jagged barbs at the top of the head. 7 Faux Hawk Skin Fade with Beard. There’s nothing easy or organic about this look – it’s all about sharp contrasts and attitude. The hairstyle boasts of a cool temple fade on the sides and creates a perfect image with volume on top. The sides have a faded look and, obviously, it’s shorter compared to what we have on top. it’s all brought into the center to have that taste of a Faux Hawk look. This is the hairstyle which every man can apply. Though not a typical Faux Hawk look, the hairstyle still qualifies for the Faux Hawk category because of its forward swept and center raised look. Source. It’s eventually made into a cool spiky look at the front that defines the look actually. This look pairs a crisp undercut with an excellently styled spiky section of hair on top to produce an ultimately edgy. All you have to do is to check out some styles online and get your barber to style your hair in exactly the same manner. Faux Hawk Hairstyle for Women – Trendy Female Fauxhawk Hair Ideas. The overall style is amazing and makes for a perfect look. Wear it with a cool stubble and the final look will be just amazing. The hair strip can be as long as desired, but is usually one-or-two inches longer than the shorter lengths which are generally between ¼ and ¾ inch (but can be virtually any length). This is another typical faux hawk hairstyle that gives more of a funky look than what you get with a typical style. The Cut. Although faux hawk is actually a new style, it is a very suitable haircut for change and reinterpretation. Also known as fohawk, this hairstyle has been adapted for years ever since the 1970s. The Mohawk takes its name from the warriors of a Native American tribe and has been worn by cultures around the world, from the time of ancient warriors, right up to the punk rockers of today. You can style your precious hair with artistic design on the fades on both sides. Wear it with a cleaned shave or a nice stubble and you have a perfect look to flaunt. If you are dabbling with the idea of edgy and cool, yet don’t want to look over the top, trim lines are apt. This easy, totally low-maintenance style is a play on contrasts. We usually associate Faux Hawk with a spiky look that we commonly see everyone wearing. If you have short hair, you can go for some pretty ringlets or curls to get the voluminous shape you need. Overall, it looks amazing. This is another cool look to achieve with naturally curly and wavy hair type. If you are going to get a new haircut, a trendy fauxhawk haircut will give you a cool makeover. Mohawk hairstyles will usually be hairless, other than the hair in this thin strip. You can style the look to perfection with some facial hair choosing a beard style of your own preference. The hair we have in this hairstyle is densely curly and there is enough volume left on top. One of the few that achieve this is the faux hawk. Unclip the front section, and there it is, your new favorite hairstyle is ready! This is a typical faux hawk style that is achieved with a nice and elegant fade on the sides. If you opt for this haircut, make sure the faux hawk is well grown beforehand. The other one spreads the spikes all over the head to achieve a perfect look. A faux hawk or fohawk is a spin on the iconic punk mohawk haircut. You can always achieve the look with a high fade to make a perfect combo. However, pairing a high fade that has an edgy disconnected finish with a stylishly messy tangle of locks and bangs results in a look that oozes masculinity. This is yet another cool look to achieve when it comes to Faux Hawk  hairstyles. One of the most popular ways to sport a faux hawk for boys is by adding in a splash of your own creativity! Platinum blond highlights further accent his dark brown hair by adding depth. As far as the haircut is concerned, there is enough volume left on top which is then given a cool spiky look by raising it all forward. The ’beard disconnect’ as it is known is a derivative of the original fohawk hairstyle. The faux hawk hairstyle came into fashion in the 90s and never quite left. Try this hairstyle for men on for size. This creates a striking contrast with the sleek fade below. The bottom part of the fade can be completely shaved as well. This beautiful hairstyle features long hair on top that is all combed back stylishly to achieve a perfect look. This is a cool hairstyle achieved with natural texture on top. While both sides of the head are shaven and only a stripe of hair remains in the middle of the head in Mohawk, faux hawk hairstyles create waves and do not need to shave both sides of the head. A mohawk style is a thinner strip of hair which traditionally runs from the front of the head to the back of the head. The first way to love women styling the short fauxhawk haircut is by simply creating it by doing a bump type of hairstyle by styling the front hair … Faux Hawk for Short Hair. Let’s check out. If Robert Deniro could pull it off in Taxi Driver, so can you. This is another cool Faux Hawk fade haircut that has a wonderful spiky touch to it. If you like that idea, messy fohawk is the right choice for you. Check out our awesome collection to get inspiration! The sides have a mid fade and they complement the top to perfection. A shaggy haircut is best for those who love a messy touch to their hair, and, luckily, you can have the look while also embracing a popular faux hawk haircut, just like this photo. The sides and back have a cool fade with beard complementing on the face. Create a tail towards the back if you want to. Nevertheless, the choice is yours and you have to choose a Faux Hawk  that can help you make a unique style statement of your own. This is a cool Faux Hawk that is all about forward sweeping the hair to achieve a cool spiky look at the front. 5. Add a beard to the mix and you have a rocking hairstyle overall. However, this one also features very short spikes on top. This look is very much a typical faux hawk hairstyle that looks awesome with a high fade. The low fade below the second surgical line looks just awesome. The hairstyle requires the hair to be cut shorter and then a forward combed look is achieved. If you want to wear a beard along with that, it’d be pretty cool as well. The sides can be faded to achieve a perfect overall look. 20. Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images. You can achieve this beautiful hairstyle by keeping volume in the center while almost shaving off the sides or, at least, giving them a high fade. This version is typically worn with a small but noticeable spike in the middle, and usually shorter than many traditional historic mohawks. When it comes to the fohawk, the length is variable. This is another cool look to achieve with a typical faux hawk fade style. Keep in mind that this cut typically works best for gents with wavier curls. This really is a cool hairstyle for teenagers who love a cool and clean look. Want a faux hawk that looks equally at ease in a downtown brewery as it does in a hunting cabin in the woods? However, the overall look is pretty much like a Faux Hawk . This Faux Hawk fade gives an entirely new perspective to the hairstyle and rather than a spiky and casual look it goes for a very cool and flat hairstyle on top. The hairdo features good amount of volume on top and it is given a comb over touch by finger combing the hair at the front. There can be many variations to a beautiful Faux Hawk  and it’s up to you which one you’d like to go with. Check this board for interesting takes on this style. We don’t see this look too often in Faux Hawk hairstyles. For even more pictures of men's haircuts, browse our hairstyle galleries. This is a cool look to achieve with a bit of thick and rugged hair. The faux hawk is an ever trendy take on one of the oldest haircuts in the world. As the name suggests it’s short, so it’s actually short in length on top.

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